Contact Us

Aston University as a whole maintains a lot of web services, which are covered by a variety of different teams. Below are different contacts for various aspects of our web presence.

If you are unsure who to contact, please contact the general ISA Helpdesk, who will be able to forward on your request on to the appropriate people.

Technical web queries

If you have any queries regarding the Aston website, our content management system or anything else internet/web that you can’t find any information on, please contact us using This includes:

  • Easysite not working as expected
  • Advice on how to implement web functions (e.g forms, databases)
  • WASS, Attendance Monitoring, Online Phone Directory

Content, branding and organisational issues

The web marketing department will be able to assist in the majority of non-technical web related queries, such as:

  • How to present information and arrange web pages
  • Social media, analytics and other visitor interaction
  • Top level content (e.g. study, news, about, birmingham etc)
  • URL shortcuts, broken pages, wrong information

Other systems