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Every member of staff has an individual computing account which allows you to access the University network, use email, store work on file servers plus much more.

Questions and answers for staff

How do I get a user account?

Staff accounts are created automatically and the details are passed to HR and then line managers.

What happens to my account when I leave?

For staff members (including casual), HR will inform us of your leaving date. At the end of this date your account will expire and remain on the system for up to 1 year. It is your line managers duty to ensure relevant data is extracted from your account before you leave.  In exceptional circumstances, an account can be extended through HR if authorised by head of department/executive dean.

For temporary or agency staff, the account will expire on the date specified when the account was created.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password using your desktop PC, Outlook Web Access or via a Unix terminal.

Change your password.

Questions and answers for managers

How to I request a user account for a new member of staff, casual or sessional?

Accounts are created automatically and the details should be available from HR.

How do I request a temporary account for a contractor agency worker?

You can request this via the IT Helpdesk self service portal. Login with your normal Aston username and password at 

How do I request an account extension for a member of staff who has left the University?

In exceptional circumstances, a recently expired account can be re-activated. If access is required, please complete the following form and return to the HR Advisor for your area:

HR Form: Extension of Email Account