Staff E-Mail


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All staff have access to a personal e-mail account which allows you to send and receive e-mails internally and externally, and share calendars and other information with colleagues.

Accessing your e-mail

You can connect most desktop and mobile e-mail clients to your mailbox by using the Microsoft Exchange option in your e-mail client. If your computer is provided by IT Services it should already be pre-configured to access your e-mail account.

Changing your display name and address list entry

Your display name and address list details (such as department, job title and phone number) are based on your HR record.  To update these please contact the HR Helpdesk.

Project & Role Specific E-Mail Accounts

Shared e-mail accounts and e-mail aliases can be provided to allow role-specific or project specific e-mail to be received through a different e-mail address.

Mailing Lists

A mailing list is an e-mail address that contains a list of individual addresses so that you can send a single e-mail to multiple recipients in one go. 

We can provide two types of mailing lists - Distribution lists, which are typically used for one-to-many communication, and Mailman lists, which are typically used for many-to-many group collaboration.

Distribution lists containing students sorted by school, year, course and more are already provided and kept up-to-date.

 Other Information