How to access your quarantine in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

By accessing your individual email quarantine folder in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), you can examine messages that have been classified as Junk E-Mail based on their content.

The Quarantine is similar to your Junk E-Mail folder but is stored in FOPE to avoid filling up your normal mailbox. Messages are stored in the Quarantine for up to 15 days.  You will also receive an e-mail every 7 days to inform you if you have any messages stored in the Quarantine.

To access your quarantine, visit the following URL:

Login screen for FOPE

Access to the service is not using your normal Aston Username and Password. Access is based on your Primary Email Address with a separate quarantine-only password.

If you’ve logged in here before, enter your primary email address (typically in the format for staff and for students) and the password you received when signing up.

To get your password if it’s your first time, choose Need your password?, then enter your primary email address (in the format described above)  in the page that is displayed and choose Send:

Fope get password dialogue

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from Microsoft containing a sign-up link to allow you to login to the service and choose a password:

Outlook Web Access showing confirmation

Click the link, then choose a password:

Fope dialogue to selection a password

After choosing a password, you should now have access to your quarantine inbox:

Fope quarantine display

If you have messages listed in your quarantine inbox (either in Junk E-Mail or Policy Email) you can perform the following actions:

·         Read the message by clicking on it

·         Release it to your normal inbox by choosing Move to inbox

·         Mark it is Not Junk to release it and inform the FOPE service that this message should not be blocked in the future