How to install the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Junk E-Mail Reporting Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

You can report Junk E-Mail to Microsoft’s Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) spam filtering service directly from Outlook by using the Microsoft Junk E-Mail Reporting Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.

To download and install the add-in, visit the following URL:

The above link will take you to the download page on the Microsoft web site. Choose the relevant version of the add-in, based on the version of Office you use:

Fope Download Links Image

For most people, you should choose either the add in for Office 2003 or the 32-bit add in for Office 2007 and 2010.

Even if you have a 64-bit computer, you are likely to have the 32-bit version of Office unless you have special requirements.

After downloading the add-in close Outlook and run the installer choosing Next on the first screen, then choose to Accept the license agreement, then after installation, choose Close.

FOPE Reporting Installer Image

Open Outlook as normal. When you next receive a Junk E-Mail message that you believe should have been caught by the FOPE service and not delivered to your Inbox or personal Junk E-Mail, select the Junk button on the taskbar or ribbon. When you do so, you will be informed that the message will be reported to Microsoft:

Outlook showing the Junk reporting in action

You should not expect messages like this to be filtered straight away as they will first be examined by the Microsoft FOPE team before they take action.