Request an E-Mail Alias

An e-mail ‘alias’ allows a secondary event, function, role or post-specific e-mail address to be attached to a single University e-mail account.

There is no actual e-mail account in this instance; e-mail sent to the e-mail 'alias' will be received by the individual in their personal account; additionally e-mail cannot be sent in the name of the e-mail ‘alias’, only in the name of individual.

To request an email alias, please complete the form below. IT Services aim to process requests within 2 working days.

  • Group Alias Name and Address
  • N.B.All addresses should have a department prefix for easy identification, i.e. "" rather than "". IT Services reserve the right to request that an alternative name be used should such a name already exists, may be misleading or ambiguous etc
  • Responsible Person
  • Responsible Person Name
  • Recipient List
  • Each person who should receive email addressed to the email alias must be listed by their username (i.e. bloggsja) in the section below. Typically this will be between one and three people.