Room Mailboxes

Booking Rooms

Room Mailboxes are used to book rooms. These appear in the room list in Outlook.

To request to book a room in Outlook create a meeting request by going to "Home" then "New Items" then "Meeting".

Next when the new meeting Window Appears, Select Rooms:

Select Rooms

Then select the room from the room list. Add the meeting attendees and submit the meeting request. The room booking request will need to be authorised by someone with permission to authorise the booking.

Managing Rooms

When given access you can manage the the room bookings for meeting request in Outlook and also give other people access to add and manage bookings.

After the room is created, as a manager you will see a room mailbox and calendar in Outlook:

Room Mailbox

Room Calendar

In the mailbox you will see the meeting request emails which can be accepted or declined. You can also manage meetings from the calendar. 

If you have been setup as a “Room Delegate” you will receive copies of all the meeting requests to your mailbox. If you do not want this or require amendments to the lists of delegates. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Adding people to the calendar can give them access to view or manage bookings. All staff can see the room availability. Right clicking the calendar selecting "Properties", then "Permissions". From there you can add people to be Reviewers to view the calendar bookings, Editor to edit calendar bookings, or owner to manage the permission on the calendar themselves. 

Calendar Properties

Opening a Room Calendar You Have Been Given Access To:

To open a room calendar you have been given access to. Please go to calendars, right click and select "Add Calendar" and "From Room List":

Open Calendar

Select the room from the list and it will appear in your calendars.