Manage access to your Shared Calendar

If you are the owner of a shared calendar, you can control who can access the calendar from either Outlook, or Outlook Web App by configuring permissions. In general, you will either want to allow people to simply view the calendar, or to be able to edit items.

Access permissions are split into the following categories:

  • Owner - Full access to the calendar, including the ability to add, change and remove access permissions of others.

  • Publishing Editor - The ability to add, change and delete appointments and create subfolders where applicable.

  • Editor - The ability to add, change and delete appointments.

  • Publishing Author - The ability to create new appointments, change and delete items they have created and create subfolders where applicable.

  • Author - The ability to create new appointments, change and delete items they have created.

  • Contributor - The ability to create appointments. Cannot change items they have created or view other items.

  • Reviewer - "Viewer" access to read all appointments.

  • Custom - A specially selected set of permissions, which can be shown by examining each user's access permission.

  • None - No access to the calendar (typically the default).

The most common access permissions you may want to grant are Editor and Reviewer.

Managing Calendar Access Permissions from Outlook

If you haven't already connected Outlook to your shared calendar, you can do so by following these instructions. Once connected, you should see the calendar in your normal calendar list:

Manage Calendar 1

To manage access permissions, right click on the calendar and choose Properties:

Manage Calendar 2

The Properties window should open. Click on the Permissions tab. You should see the list of people who already have access to the calendar.

Manage Calendar 3

To see the access permissions of an existing user, left click on their name in the list. The general permissions level is shown beside Permissions Level. The exact access permissions this provides is shown below. You can change the permissions either by selecting the exact access permission required, or using the drop down menu to select one of the provided access permissions levels, as shown below:

Manage Calendar 4

You can also add access permissions to someone who isn't shown in the list by left-clicking on the Add... button, selecting the person's mailbox from the Global Address List and finally choosing the permissions level they should be provided with:

Manage Calendar 5

After completing the access permissions modifications, notify the people you have added / amended access permissions for of the changes and direct them to this section of the ISA site for further instructions on accessing the calendar.

Managing Calendar Access Permissions from Outlook Web App

You can manage who has view-only access to the Calendar via Outlook Web App. To manage your shared calendar using Outlook Web App, your mailbox needs to be on Exchange 2010. If it isn't you can request this via the ISA Helpdesk. You'll know if it isn't because it will not look like the screenshots below.

After login to Outlook Web App via you can switch to the shared calendar's associated mailbox, by left clicking your name in the top right hand corner, then on the drop-down menu that appears, choosing Open Other Mailbox:

Manage Calendar 6
In the pop-up window that appears, enter the name of the shared calendar, then press Open. The shared calendar's mailbox should display.
Manage Calendar 7
Click on Calendar on the left hand menu to display the shared calendar:
Manage Calendar 8

To manage calendar access permissions, select the Share menu.

Manage Calendar 9

From the share menu, to manage access permissions you can either choose to Share This Calendar or Change Sharing Permissions.

To grant Reviewer (or "View only") rights to the shared calendar, choose Share This Calendar. A new email with a sharing invitation will open. First, select the level of information you would like to share, then enter the email address (or multiple email addresses) in the To field. Finally, choose Send. The recipient will be able to add the shared calendar:

Manage Calendar 10

To manage the existing "Reviewer" permissions for the shared calendar, choose Change Sharing Permissions. To edit an existing access permission, select the person's name from the list using the left-hand mouse button, then choose Edit. You will then be able to alter the level of detail they can see. To remove an access permission, select the person's name and then choose the X button:

Manage Calendar 11