Manage web publishing settings for your Shared Calendar

By configuring web publishing for your shared calendar, you can allow people to view the shared calendar simply by clicking a web link, or by subscribing to the shared calender using the iCal protocol.

You can manage web publishing settings for the Calendar using Outlook Web App. To manage these settings, your mailbox needs to be on Exchange 2010. If it isn't you can request this via the IT Services Helpdesk. You'll know if it isn't because it will not look like the screenshots below.

After login to Outlook Web App via you can switch to the shared calendar's associated mailbox, by left clicking your name in the top right hand corner, then on the drop-down menu that appears, choosing Open Other Mailbox:

Manage Calendar 6

In the pop-up window that appears, enter the name of the shared calendar, then press Open. The shared calendar's mailbox should display.

Manage Calendar 7
Click on Calendar on the left hand menu to display the shared calendar:
Manage Calendar 8

To manage web publishing settings, select the Share menu.

Manage Calendar 9

From the Share menu, select Change Publishing Settings. The Calendar Publishing window will appear.

From this window, you can change the detail that is published, the date range to publish, whether to use simple "public" links, or complicated "restricted" links. You can copy the links to the clipboard, to paste into an email, and disable the web publishing feature by choosing "Stop Publishing":

Managing Calendar 12