Subscribe to a Shared Calendar in Outlook Web App

You can view and subscribe to shared calendars using Outlook Web App. To be able to do this, your mailbox needs to be on  Exchange 2010. If it isn't you can request this via the IT Services Helpdesk. You'll know if it isn't because it will not look similar to the screenshots below.

Before you can subscribe to the shared calendar, you first need the owner of the shared calendar to have granted you access permissions. Once they have granted you access rights, you should be able to subscribe to the shared calendar so long as you know it's name.


After you have been granted access to the shared calendar, login to Outlook Web App via, then switch to view the calendar by clicking Calendar on the left hand task bar, as shown below:

Subscribe Calendar 6
After switching to the calendar view you should now see your personal calendar. To subscribe to the shared calendar, right click on My Calendars on the left hand calender list, then choose Add Calendar:
Subscribe Calendar 7
The Add Calendar pop-up should appear. Enter the name of the shared calendar, or click Name to search for it in the address book if you're not quite sure of the name. Finally, left click OK to complete the calendar subscription.
Subscribe Calendar 8
After subscribing to the shared calendar, you should now see the calendar listed by name underneath "People's Calenders" on the left hand calendar list. To show the calendar, ensure the checkbox to the left of it's name is selected:
Subscribe Calendar 9