Redeployment & Disposal of ICT Equipment

1. Introduction and background

This document sets out the University’s policy relating to the redeployment and disposal of University IT equipment, including but not limited to: computers, laptops, printers, document scanners, mobile devices and phones) so that all such assets are dealt with and correctly recorded in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the University.

Redeployment or disposal of IT equipment should be considered when:

  • there is no longer a use for the equipment i.e. end of short term project;

  • where staff are leaving the employment of Aston University;

  • the business needs of the university have changed in relation to the IT equipment.

The University owns these assets regardless of where funding has been provided from (for example including PASA or research grants).  

2.  Process of Redeployment and Disposal

There are various stages in respect of redeployment and disposal depending on the specification and usefulness of the IT equipment.

2.1  Redeployment within Aston for business use

All IT devices/equipment must be retained for redeployment by Aston University if they are less than two years old and are in a re-deployable condition. Items older than two years old will be re-deployed or disposed of at the discretion of IT Services.

All surplus IT equipment that is in working and redeployable condition must be considered for redeployment within the University. 

Schools and other University departments should complete an Equipment Disposal Form and send it to the IT helpdesk ( to arrange for the assessment of their IT equipment. The decision about the condition and re-deployability of the IT equipment will be made by IT Services Support Engineers, and escalated to ITS management where disputes arise.

Redeployable IT equipment will be made available to Schools and other University departments where there is a genuine requirement.  IT equipment will be distributed on a 'first come, first served' basis.

If IT equipment is still within its contract period, the contract costs will continue to apply and must be met by the department/school that purchased the equipment prior to any redeployment.  As part of the redeployment process any costs will be agreed and the financial transactions will be arranged by the school/department whose IT equipment is to be redeployed.

2.2 Sale for non business use

Where surplus re-use stock is held IT Services may from time to time offer this equipment for non business use.  In this situation the following options are available for sale/disposal:

2.2.1 Sale to Staff/Students

IT equipment will fall into three categories:

  • most items will not have been capitalised on the fixed asset register and these can be disposed of at a price set by IT Services.

  • IT equipment included on the fixed asset register with a net book value of £0.00 can also be disposed of at a price set by IT Services.

  • IT equipment included on the fixed asset register with a net book value of more than £0.00 can be sold to members of staff or students at a price set by IT Services, agreed by Corporate area and approved by a member of the finance team. All requests should be directed to

All University licensed software installed in the computers must be removed prior to the sale by the IT Services Support Team.  An invoice must be raised to reflect the disposal and a disclaimer must be signed by the recipient with the words:

"The equipment will be sold as seen, Aston University offers no guarantees or otherwise and is not liable for any warranty or injuries"

Where a research project is funded by an institution and the terms state that research assets purchased are to be returned to the funding institution, or to be moved to another research project then the assets in question cannot be disposed of or redeployed without the expressed consent of the funding institution.

Where an asset is donated by an institution and the terms relating to the donation state that the donated assets are to be used for a particular purpose, then the assets in question cannot be disposed of or redeployed without the expressed consent of the donor.

2.2.2 Sale/Donation to the Wider Community (i.e. Schools, Charities etc)

The process will be as 2.2.1 above but with the sales invoice (even if for no value) raised addressed to the relevant organisation.

2.3  Disposal

If the IT equipment cannot be redeployed or sold, then disposal will take place. This will be arranged through IT Services / Estates Environmental Team and in accordance with the University Sustainability Policy complying with WEEE Regulations.

IT equipment must not be scrapped or fly-tipped in skips or other locations at the University.