FollowMe Staff

IT Services provide a central printing service for use by staff. This uses the same proven technology which has successfully provided the student printing system since 2008. The aim of this system is to facilitate departments to manage their printing costs, rationalise the number of devices through the use of centralised multi-functional devices (MFD) and to reduce waste.  This system also provides additional features such as confidential printing as standard and web based print job management.

How does it work?

When you send a document to print your print job is sent to the FollowMe server and is stored there until you swipe your uniCARD at the MFD of your choice. For a list of the MFDs available to you, see the school / department specific information in the main menu.   

Important: Your print jobs will be cleared from the FollowMe queue after 3 days if you have not collected them from a print device. 

Sending a document to print

Using the FollowMe system, you can print to any authorised MFD regardless of where the computer you are printing from is situated.

  • Go to ‘File’ – ‘Print’
  • Select either the \\staffprint-02\FollowMe printer or the specific printer for your department. Select your department specific page from the menu for further details.  

Note: These do not refer to a single print device but to any of the FollowMe printers within your department.

  • Select any additional print options (e.g. multiple copies, stapling etc).
  • Click ‘OK’
  • Locate the FollowMe printer you want to print from (remembering that it must be compatible with your print requirements such as colour).
  • Visit the print device where you wish to collect your print job. Remember this can be any of the devices in your department.
  • Locate the swipe card / contactless reader situated on the right hand side of the printer and present your uniCARD.
  • The device will log in and give you access to the print options.
  • The simplest method of collecting your print jobs is to select 'Print All'

For further details of using FollowMe on the device, see the Using FollowMe guide.

Managing your print queue

You can manage any print jobs sent to a FollowMe print device by visiting  Simply log in using your University username and password.  Once you have logged in, click ‘Print Queue’ at the top of the page.  This will list all of your print jobs and their status.  You can change the status of any print jobs to suit your needs.

Job Status Description
Queued Job will be printed at next card swipe.
Queued and retained Job will remain in print queue after item has been printed and will be printed every time until removed from the queue.
Paused Job will not be printed at next card swipe.
Remove Deletes job from print queue. You will not be charged for deleted jobs.

Important: The FollowMe queue will clear itself after 3 days

Printing problems

If the printer you are attempting to use does not appear to be operating correctly please contact the IT Services Helpdesk.