Registering your uniCARD

If you have never used the Staff FollowMe system before then you will need to register your uniCARD on your FollowMe account.

Log in to the print device

Firstly you will need to log into the print device using your normal computer login details. To enter this information press 'Username' and you will be presented with a keyboard. Once this is complete press the 'OK' button.

Now repeat the process for the 'Password' 

FollowMe Login Screen

Enrol your uniCARD

Once you have completed the login process you will be presented with the main FollowMe printing screen. 

You will need to select the Enrol button.

FollowMe logged in screen

The screen will change and ask you to 'Please present your ID'

Present your card on the reader attached (either swipe or contactless).

Followme enrol card screen

The FollowMe system will acknowledge the reading of your uniCARD and will register it to your account.

You can now log in and out of the print device by presenting your uniCARD instead of using your login account. Don't worry though, if you forget your uniCARD you will still be able to use the print device by using your login account.

Printing problems

If the printer you are attempting to use does not appear to be operating correctly please contact the ISAHelpdesk.