Working Off-Campus (Remote Access)

There are many services that can be accessed off-campus.  The services below can be used with no or minimal configuration.  


If you are visiting another University or an organistion that participates in the eduraom roaming service, then you may be able to logon to the "eduroam" network using your logon credentials.  Please visit eduroam for more information.

Exchange Email

Details for staff to access their email remotely via webrowser or personal device can be found in here.

Library E-Resources

Library e-resources such as journals can be accessed by visiting lirbary staff page, and clicking the heading "Access to online resources".

Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard and its related services can be accessed by visiting Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment

Accessing your answer phone messages and new emails from a telephone

If you are on the new phone system you can access your phone messages and new emails by dialing 0121 204 3003.  If you are on the old phone system please dial 0121 204 4400 to listen to your voicemails only.  Please email [email protected] if you are unsure which system you are in. 

 VPN Client

The VPN client software allows secure connections to be made to the on-campus network from remote locations using a local ISP service or local network connection provided by the user’s company/institution. The ISP can be accessed via modem dial-up or broadband.  For more information and a request for the VPN client, please visit here.