VPN Client

The VPN client software allows secure connections to be made to the on-campus network from remote locations using a local ISP service or local network connection provided by the user’s company/institution. The ISP can be accessed via modem dial-up or broadband.

In order for the connection to be established the user has to be authenticated by providing a correct set of credentials, i.e. username and password. These are the same credentials that the user would use to access the University central Unix facilities.

If the user is successfully authenticated, the VPN session is given a network address from the University and all traffic is encrypted between the user and campus. Hence all data is encrypted as it passes through the ISP.

Once connected to the Campus network it is assumed that user interaction is with on-campus resources e.g. file store, printers, web site. Access to off-campus IT services is in general not possible unless they are web based. In order to access off-campus web services, the web browser will have to be configured to use the University cache.

Please note that the VPN service is predominantly for Aston University staff only.  If you are not a member of staff and would require the VPN service then you will need to contact IT helpdesk and give a valid reason for your need of VPN.   

Please fill in the form below if you require VPN service.

  • VPN Request Form
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  • Name of operating system that will need VPN installed
  • Your PC/Laptop that requires VPN installation