Request for Administrative rights on student equipment connected to the Aston University Network

Note: This form should only be completed by the student's supervisor or other member of staff that is happy to take the responsibility for any actions undertaken by the student whilst the equipment is connected to the network.

Digital Services are committed to providing excellence in ICT for Aston University staff and students. We also have an obligation to provide a high level of network security and to protect the University’s data. Digital Services does not recommend or endorse administrative or root access rights for staff or research students on equipment which is solely intended for use on to the University network.

Where a user has a business need for administrative/root access rights, it must still be recognised that it is possible that the device may compromise the functionality of the network, cause a security threat or jeopardise the university’s data. In this situation, provision of administrative rights will only be authorised if the following conditions are agreed:

  • ISA will provide support to the equipment on a best endeavour basis. However with some problems the solution will be returning the device to the customer in its initially delivered state.
  • If any of these devices compromise the functionality of the network; cause a security threat, jeopardise the university’s business data, are compromised by hackers, viruses or any other malicious software, or if un-licensed software is installed, then they will be immediately disconnected from the network.

All users of these devices remain bound to abide by the University ICT Computing Regulations. Failure to do so may result in the device being removed from the Network and this authorisation revoked.

Users can obtain their Hostname / Computer name by pressing the Windows Key and Pause Break Key at the same time.  The computer name is displayed in a window giving basic information about the computer.

The Digital Services Asset Number is displayed on a sticker on the computer that is security marked and contains a barcode.  The number beneath the barcode is the asset number, and takes the form "ISA" followed by four digits, e.g. ISA4321 or 5 digit number.

If this request is related to an existing call please enter the call reference number in the appropriate field.

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