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Update - 6th November

After a successful student pilot over the summer vacation we are now rolling out Windows 10 to all open access areas. You will already find Windows 10 installed in the 4th floor labs, MBE 476, 478 and 480, and half of the loan notebooks in the Library.  We will be updating other PCs around the University in the coming weeks including:

  • MBE 202
  • Library 2 (MBW 225)
  • MBN 104
  • Library Ground Floor
  • Library 3rd Floor
  • Library Loan Notebooks

We have also just rolled out an update to the existing Windows 10 PCs to add shortcuts to the new Cloudpaging applications to the Start Menu to make them easy to launch.

Beginning in May Digital Services will be launching a Windows 10 Student Pilot scheme to help us test and evaluate the software before our migration to the new operating system. To do this we have taken 16 PCs located on the ground floor of the Library and installed them with the latest version of the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system along with some of our standard suite of applications. These PCs will be available for all students to use and we encourage you all to do so. We are hoping to get as much real world feedback on the new software as possible, both good and bad, so we can tweek and tune the configuration to best suite your needs. You will find paper based feedback forms by the PCs and an online form here (there are shortcuts to the online form from the PCs also).

We will be updating these pages with news and feature updates as and when they happen, so don't forget to check back once in a while to see what's going on.

There are a few pages here to help you get familiar with the basics of Windows 10, but if you think we need any more documentation just ask.

Remember, the more feedback we have, the better the service will be, so please give them a try and let us know what you think.