Student Email / Outlook Live - Connecting Mozilla Thunderbird

You can connect any IMAP client to your mailbox. Thunderbird is a free email client available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Before making any changes to your computer, ensure you backup all data.

Please note, these instructions are provided by Digital Services for you to use at your own risk. 

To configure your mailbox in Mozilla Thunderbird, add a new email account:

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Connecting Mozilla Thunderbird 1

In the Identity page, enter Your Name as you would like it to appear on outgoing messages, along with in the Email Address field.

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Connecting Mozilla Thunderbird 2

In the Server Information page, choose the incoming server as IMAP.

Undergrad / Taught Postgrad: For the Incoming and Outgoing server, enter the server name

Postgraduate Research / PHD: For the Incoming and Outgoing server, enter the server name

(If you're not sure which of the above you should use, click here)

After completing the new account wizard, go into the Tools>Account Settings menu and select the Outlook Live account from the list.

In the Server Settings option, under Security Settings change Use Secure Connection to SSL and ensure the Port updates to 993:

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Connecting Mozilla Thunderbird 4

Under Outgoing Server (SMTP) select the  (depending on what you entered earlier) SMTP server and choose Edit.

Change the Port to 587 (SMTP Submission), and under Security and Authentication ensure User name and password is selected and your User Name is

Under Use Secure Connection choose TLS and press OK twice to close the SMTP Server dialogue and Account Settings page.

Finally you will need to Subscribe to the folders you wish to see in Thunderbird. To do this, right click on your account in the Folder List and choose Subscribe:

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Connecting Mozilla Thunderbird 6

Select the folders you wish to download and press OK, then Get Mail to download email.