Student Email / Outlook Live - Connecting Outlook 2010/2007

You can connect Outlook 2010 or 2007 to your mailbox using it’s native Exchange connectivity. This means it will synchronise your email, calendar, contacts and tasks to your mailbox and provide offline usage when your computer doesn’t have an internet connection.

Before making any changes to your computer, ensure you backup all data.

Please note, these instructions are provided by Digital Services for you to use at your own risk. Any links to external websites are not endorsed by Digital Services or Aston University and are provided for your convenience only.

Outlook 2007 only supports one Exchange connection per profile. This means you will either need a second profile or to delete your existing Exchange connection should you have one. Outlook 2010 supports multiple Exchange accounts.

Office Professional Academic 2010 is available at a discounted price to University students on the Microsoft Website.

To configure Outlook 2010 or 2007 to connect to your mailbox, start by adding a new mail account.

Your Name:

Email Address:

Password: Your normal university password

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Connecting Outlook 2007 1

After you press Next, the account auto setup will begin. During the account setup phase, you will be prompted to allow the website to configure server settings:

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Connecting Outlook 2007 2

As part of the auto-setup you will need to enter your username and password twice again. Ensure you enter your username as along with your normal password:

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Connecting Outlook 2007 3

Upon successful completion of auto setup you will see confirmation that your email account is configured to use Microsoft Exchange. Press Finish to continue:

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Connecting Outlook 2007 5

Undergrad / Taught Postgrad Only - Outlook will now continue to open your mailbox, and will prompt you again to allow to configure settings:

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Connecting Outlook 2007 6

Initially, you won’t see any mail, as Outlook sets up a local copy of your mailbox. Within a few minutes you should begin to see your mailbox in Outlook 2007 or 2010.

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Connecting Outlook 2007 8

Once you can see your mail, calendar and contacts setup should be complete. Depending on the size of your mailbox it will take from a few minutes upto a few hours for Outlook to download a full copy of your mailbox.