Student Email / Outlook Live - Connecting Mac Mail on Snow Leopard to Outlook Live

Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s own mail client, Mail, has built-in support for Outlook Live and Microsoft Exchange Servers. Snow Leopard is the current version of Mac OS X and is available with all new Apple computers and upgrades are available for all Intel Macs.

Before making any changes to your computer, ensure you backup all data.

Please note, these instructions are provided by IT Services for you to use at your own risk.

To begin setup of Outlook Live using Mac Mail, open Mail. If it’s the first time you’ve used Mac Mail you’ll be presented with the Welcome to Mail wizard. If you’ve already setup mail, choose File > Add Account.

Enter the following details to setup Outlook Live:

  • Full name: Your name as you would like it to appear on outgoing messages.

  • Email Address: Your

  • Password: Your normal University password

After completing these details, press Continue.

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Mac Mail Snow Leopard 1

Mac Mail should now search for the correct account details required to access Outlook Live. After between 5-30 seconds, you should see the Account Summary page, confirming the account is setup. The Account Type should show as Exchange 2007 and the Server Address should end with You'll also be informed that Address Book contacts and iCal calendars can be synchronised with Outlook Live. If you’re happy with these details, press Create.

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Mac Mail Snow Leopard 2

After a number of minutes you should begin to see your Outlook Live inbox. Depending on the amount of email you have, it could take a while to download a local copy of your Outlook Live inbox.

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Mac Mail Snow Leopard 3