Student Email / Outlook Live - Forwarding your mail using Outlook Web App Premium

You may wish to forward your Outlook Live email to another account.

We don’t recommend doing this, as if your other email account is unavailable or becomes full you may miss important messages from the University and we cannot provide any support or retrieve your emailsif something goes wrong.

To setup forwarding, click the Options button in your mailbox, then Create an Inbox Rule:

Forwarding your mail
Next, choose New, then Create a new rule for arriving messages:
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Forward 2

In the new Inbox Rule window, Choose to:

Apply the rule to all messages

Redirect the message to your desired address

And if you don't wish for a copy to be kept in your mailbox, choose Delete the message

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Forward 3
After saving the rule you should see it listed in the rules along with a description describing what it will do:
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Forward 4