Student Email / Outlook Live - Overview of Outlook Web App Premium

The Outlook Web App premium client provides a similar experience to using a desktop email client. Many desktop email client conventions are used, such as drag-and-drop, contextual right-click menus and Outlook’s preview pane.

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On the left hand side of the browser, you will see the folder list. This shows by default your email folders including your Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Notes, Junk E-Mail and Deleted Items. You can also right click in this area to rename, delete or create new folders.

Beneath the folder list you can switch between Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

In the centre of the browser you will see the message listing. Above the message listing you’ll see options to create a new message, delete a message, move a message, filter and change your view, along with search options. Below these options the main message listing is shown.

On the right hand side of the browser window is by default, the preview pane. This shows the selected message along with common options such as reply or forward.

Outlook Web App Premium is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or later, recent versions of Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux, and Safari on Mac OS X.