Introduction to MAP

What is MAP?

MAP is an internet portal that allows users to access information from a variety of different sources, from a single application using a single username and password. Pages in a portal have different ‘containers’ that can show you information such as module listings, provide you with interactive services such as online re-enrolment for a next year or show you content you have put into the system yourself such as personalised hyperlinks. They can also potentially show you information from other systems such as finance and accommodation details. The portal is accessed in the same way as any website or online system and is viewable through a standard web browser.

What are the benefits of using MAP?

It provides students with a secure central point where they can view their student information directly from our student record system, finance and accommodation systems from anywhere in the world. Initially you will be able to enrol as a new student; re-enrol if you are a returning student; view your teaching timetables in time for the first Semester; view your module registrations and access Blackboard through MAP.

How do I access MAP?

MAP can be accessed at the web address and you can login using your computer username and password, also used for your Aston email account and to log onto University computer lab machines.

Where can I access MAP from?

You can access MAP from a computer anywhere in the world at any time of day as long as you have a standard web browser and an internet connection.

What Operating System or Internet Browser do I need to access MAP?

MAP has been tested in a variety of different operating systems and browsers and is currently supported for use with the operating systems Windows XP / Mac OSX and the browsers Internet Explorer 6 / 7; Safari 3+; Opera 9+ and Firefox 1.5 / 2. It is likely that other web browsers will display MAP correctly but this has not been extensively tested.

What if I have any problems using MAP or cannot log into it?

If you have any issues with MAP please see our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are unable to resolve your problem using this please contact the ISA Helpdesk.