Student Teaching Timetables

Your teaching timetable for your studies at Aston University is available from the start of each Academic Year as a PDF document on your My Aston Portal (MAP) Student Homepage.Your PDF timetable is updated on a nightly basis and you should check it regularly to ensure that you are viewing the most up to date timetable available for you.

From the start of the 2013/14 academic year you will also be able to view your timetable via a mobile phone or on your student email account using an iCalendar feed. Subscribing to this will allow you to see almost all timetable updates immediately, and you won't have to wait overnight or manually recheck your timetable on MAP to see updates

Whether you choose to view your timetable on My Aston Portal (MAP) , by subscribing to your teaching timetable usingour iCalendar feed or both you'll always be able to view a timetable that can be accessed from wherever and whenever you like.

To find out more about the different ways you can view your teaching timetable, please use the links below.