Student Teaching Timetables

Student Teaching Timetables

Your teaching timetable for your studies at Aston University is available from the start of each Academic Year on your My Aston Portal (MAP) Student Homepage.You can also add your timetable to your own personal calendar (e.g. Outlook, Gmail etc.) via a mobile phone or on your student email account using an iCalendar feed. Subscribing to this will allow you to see timetable updates immediately.

Whether you choose to view your timetable on My Aston Portal (MAP) (or, by subscribing to your teaching timetable using our iCalendar feed or both you will always be able to view a timetable that can be accessed from wherever and whenever you like.

To find out more about the different ways you can view your teaching timetable, please use the links below.


Subscribing to your Personal Teaching Timetable using Live Timetable

How to view your timetable on a mobile phone or via your student email account using an iCalendar feed.

You can either choose to add your timetable to your student email account or add your timetable to an alternative software package or email/calendar service. To find out how to do this, use the links below.


Once you have added your teaching timetable to your student email account, you can also transfer your email and calendar across to your mobile phone. For more information and instructions on how to do this, visit our student e-mail support pages in the Student IT Guide at .

Adding Your Teaching Timetable to a Student Email Account 

1.    If you wish to add your teaching timetable to your Student Email account calendar, you can do so by following the steps below If you have not received your unique link by email already, visit our timetable subscription web page at and enter your student email address. If entered correctly, you will be emailed a unique hyperlink to your teaching timetable. Please do not share this link as it is a direct link to your teaching timetable.

2.    Log into your student email account and view the email that you have received from us. Select the link in the centre of the email that begins with webcal:// and select Copy to copy it.



3. Click on the Calendar link in the top right of your screen to display your calendar.



4. Right click on the My Calendars heading at the bottom left of your screen, then select Open Calendar. Adding your teaching timetable to My Calendars will mean that it can be transferred to your mobile phone, should you want to. If you add your teaching timetable to Other Calendars, it will not transfer to any other devices, like your mobile phone.


5. On the dialogue box that appears, right click in the Internet Calendar text box and paste the link you copied in step 2 into the box.



6.Click OK to add your teaching timetable to your student email account calendar.


7.  You can rename your calendar to anything you like by right clicking on the name of the calendar and selecting Rename from the list that appears.

8.  You can show and hide your teaching timetable by ticking and un-ticking the new calendar heading that has been added.


9. Once you have completed the above steps and added your teaching timetable to your student email account, you can then transfer your email and calendar across to your mobile phone. For more information and instructions on how to do this, visit our student e-mail support pages in the Student IT Guide at


Adding Your Teaching Timetable to other Email Services and Calendar Software

Using the unique hyperlink contained in the email sent to you, you can also add your teaching timetable to numerous software packages and alternative email services. We can't provide specific support in adding your timetable to these services, but there are some links below with instructions on how to add your timetable to some popular alternative email and calendar services.

Please note: These links are to external websites and Aston University is not responsible for their content.


Viewing your Personal Teaching Timetable in MAP

How do I view my Timetable?


What if I have a problem with my Timetable?

If you have technical difficulties viewing your timetable via MAP (or or via the iCal feed then please email  If you have lectures or events missing from your timetable then please contact your school office directly.

Timetable iCalendar Feed

Grab your timetable here - a personalised, up-to-date schedule that can be displayed on your phone, online calendar, etc.

Click here if you want to read the technical stuff and learn how to subscribe.



MAP timetable does not allow you to navigate to the current month.

If this occurs, please email so that your student record can be amended.


Error message stating that the email address is not found when signing up to iCal Feed

Please ensure that you are using your email address and that it has been entered correctly.  If you still see the same error then please email


iCal Feed is not updating or showing correct timetable data

The iCal feed is a read-only view of your timetable data, so it is important to ensure that your device is set to synchronise automatically.


Timetable Does Not Load after logging into and you see the following page


This is due to an incompatibility with certain versions of Internet Explorer (IE).  If using IE11, compatibility mode needs to be turned OFF.


Timetable is out of date in the MyAston App,

Please be aware that actions such as blocking access to mobile data when close and blocking location information can cause myAston to not update the timetable regularly in the background.

When accessing the timetable in the app, the last time data was updated will be displayed in the lower left hand corner. You will want to make sure this reads “a moment ago” to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable data in regards to your timetable. If this reads anything other than “a moment ago” then you will be able to perform a manual update by dragging down on the sessions listed, you’ll see a loading wheel after doing this. This should manually update your timetable