Viewing your Personal Teaching Timetable in MAP

How do I view my Timetable?

At the start of the Academic Year your teaching timetable is published as a PDF document to your MAP Student Homepage and will be available to you once you have enrolled or re-enrolled. If your timetable isn't available yet, the date that your timetable will be made available to you will be displayed inside the MAP Timetable container.

Once made available to you, your timetable will be updated on a nightly basis to include any changes made by your Academic School, so you must check your timetable regularly to ensure that you are seeing the most recent version of it.

Your timetable is split into Terms or Teaching Periods and the timetable for each Term will be available on MAP shortly before the start of term.

Teaching Timetable MAP: Timetable Container

What if I have a problem with my Timetable?

If you aren't able to see a link to your timetable or cannot view the PDF document, please contact or visit the Support Office for your Academic School.

If you can view your timetable but think that you are missing lectures or that the information displayed is incorrectplease contact or visit the Support Office for your Academic School.