Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment

Blackboard is the University’s online virtual learning environment (VLE) and is used to provide resources and to access course information. 

As Blackboard is a web-based resource you can access it at any time and from any place through the myAston Portal (MAP) or directly via  

All you need to do is log in using your standard University username and password.

In addition to course information it provides many other features;

  • Access lecture notes and presentations (including audio and video clips)

  • Read announcements

  • Access your grades

  • Communicate with your instructor and classmates

  • Complete assignments and submit courseworks

  • Take online quizzes and tests

  • Take part in discussions and group work

Help and advice

Blackboard is supported by the Technology Enhanced Learning team which is not part of IT Services, however, there are resources to help you use and solve any problem you may encounter; 

Blackboard Learn

If you can't find the answer in either of these resources, then please contact the TEL Team via [email protected]