Aston Connect

Aston University’s IT Services provide a WiFi service called "_Aston Connect".  Aston University staff and students are able to connect to this service using their usernames and password used for logging onto the IT systems on Campus.  This service is available on most of the Campus.

_Aston Connect” will allow you to save your credentials, so you won’t need to manually log onto WiFi every time

NOTE 1: you should beware of lending your device to someone else if you save your credentials, as they will log onto the wireless network under your name


NOTE 2: Whenever you reset your University password, you will need to reconfigure your saved credentials on your device.



Most Apple products do not require any configuration as it should pick up the settings automatically unless you have additional security settings that may stop the connection.

You can configure your Windows device by downloading the appropriate profile below, if your device isn’t listed, you can manually configure your device by following the instructions further down the page. 

Download the WINDOWS Device Configuration Profile




You should delete any existing profile for “_Aston Connect”, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi, here you will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks. From the list of networks, select and hold “_Aston Connect” and choose Forget Network

  1. On your Android device select Settings
  2. Enable Wi-Fi if you haven’t already done so, by pressing the off/on toggle
  3. Next, press on Wi-Fi.On older devices you may have to select Wireless & Networks followed by Wi-Fi settings.
  4. You will see a list of wireless networks available to you
  5. From the list select _Aston Connect.You will be presented with a list of options to manually input
  6. EAP Method should be PEAP, set Phase 2 Authentication to be MSCHAPV2
  7. Set identity to be your Aston University UserID, set Password to be your Aston University logon password
  8. Tap connect (You may be required to install a Certificate “QuoVadisOVRootCertificate” from
  9. Your device should successfully be connected to “_Aston Connect”

You can download the Certificate here if your device requires you to do so: QuoVadisOVRootCertificate.crt


This guide will enable you to connect a laptop running Linux to the "_Aston Connect" network. The screenshots were taken from Ubuntu, but these guidelines can easily be adapted for other distributions. Users of Mandriva should find that they should just need to enter their AD username and password - the certificate will be retrieved automatically.

Firstly you will need a copy of the Global Root Certificate in .pem format. If you don't have this, then it can be downloaded here: QuoVadisOVRootCertificate.crt

Once you have a copy of the certificate, then save it somewhere on the laptop.

When you are in range of "_Aston Connect", you should see it show up on Network Manager's list of available networks, or by clicking on the WiFi icon on your desktop.

Choose "_Aston Connect", and you should get a dialogue box asking you to provide credentials and to state the location of the certificate:

Ubuntu WiFi Screen shot
Ubuntu WiFi Screen shot

Change Authentication to Protected EAP (PEAP), browse to where you saved the certificate, put in your username and password and click on connect. A few seconds later you should have a connection.

Please visit the IT Helpdesk for any assistance.