Public Printers

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Public print devices

There are many printers available for visitor use that are located in public spaces.

Visitor Charges

Public use printing is charged at the following rates;

  • Greyscale Single Side A4 : 2.5p
  • Greyscale Double Side A4 : 4p
  • Colour Single Side A4 : 10p
  • Colour Double Side A4 : 16p
  • Greyscale Single Side A3 : 6p
  • Greyscale Double Side A3 : 8p
  • Colour Single Side A3 : 20p
  • Colour Double Side A3 : 32p



Library Ground Floor

2 Colour devices, 2 Greyscale devices (Main PC Lab)
2 Greyscale devices (Small PC Lab)

Library 2nd Floor

1 Colour device, 1 Greyscale device

Library 3rd Floor

2 Greyscale devices