Muscat University

Muscat University was established in 2016 as a high quality, private university. Aston University is proud to be working in partnership with Cranfield and Muscat universities to develop the next generation of leaders for Oman.

Aston and Muscat universities are collaborating to deliver three undergraduate programmes across engineering and technology, business and management and transport and logistics that will give students a degree from each institution. The partnership between Muscat and Cranfield delivers postgraduate programmes.

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Students and staff outside Muscat University
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Muscat University

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Alec Cameron talking about our relationship with Muscat University.

Courses for students

Aston and Muscat universities are collaborating to deliver the following undergraduate programmes, providing students with a unique double degree – one from each institution.

Entry criteria

All students must meet the academic and English language requirements for the undergraduate degree programme.

The Muscat University Foundation Programme is a one-year course designed for students who have successfully completed 12 years of high school education, and therefore require an additional year of study to prepare them for entry to their chosen degree at Muscat University.

Students in a classroom at Muscat University