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Aston welcomes you to a friendly and diverse learning environment; home to a close-knit international campus community. 

We have 2,500 international students from over 130 countries studying a wide range of subjects in our safe and friendly city centre campus. 

Our staff can help you with your enquiries and advise you on the application process. You can email us at international@aston.ac.uk. You can also get in touch with our local agents in country, who can provide help and advice on your application at any time

The result from the Secondary School Leavers Certificate /Diploma za Sredno Obrazovanie/Диплома за Cредно Oбразование - is not an acceptable proof of English language. The acceptable proof of English language can be found here.

We require a Secondary School Leavers Certificate /Diploma za Sredno Obrazovanie/Диплома за Cредно Oбразование. A comparison table with our A-Level requirements is listed below. Please look at the individual course pages to see the respectivie entry requirements in an A-Level format.

3 A-Level equivalent
6 5.8  5.6  5.4  5.2  5.0  4.8  4.0 


Where certain subjects are required for individual courses we would expect you to have the results below in these subjects in  the overall Secondary School Leavers Certificate /Diploma za Sredno Obrazovanie/Диплома за Cредно Oбразование.

Subject specific equivalent
6 4.5 

We require a Bachelor Degree/Бакалавър post-2001 from a recognised university with a minimum overall grade of 5.00. Some courses may require certain subjects to be covered in your Higher Education Degree. Details of those will be listed on the individual course pages.

UK Bachelor Degree equivalent
First  2.1  2.2  Third  Fail 
5.50 - 6.00 5.00 - 5.49  4.50 - 4.99  3.01 - 4.49  2.00 - 3.00 

We require a Bachelor and/or Master degree taken post-2001 with a score of 5.00 out of 6.00. Students who do not hold a Master’s degree could be admitted at the discretion of the Research Supervisor. Students applying for programmes with specific subject requirement will need to have a similar background.


Hristina Dimova

International Student Recruitment Officer

Hristina can help you with your enquiries and advise you on the application process. You can contact her at international@aston.ac.uk or alternatively speak to our representative agent in Bulgaria - Integral.

Aston Placement Scholarship

Placement years are an integral part of the Aston Experience. To ensure that all students have an opportunity to undertake the placement that will benefit them the most, we offer an Aston Placement Scholarship. Click here for full details

Alumni Bursary

Aston Alumni qualify for an automatic 20% discount on tuition fees. Click here for full details.

Languages and Social Sciences Excellence Bursary

Available for all Aston LSS graduates who hold a First Class Aston undergraduate degree, the LSS Excellence Bursary provides an additional: 5% discount on your Masters Tuition Fees which complements the existing 20% Aston Graduate Discount.

In total, the LSS Excellence Bursary and the Aston Graduate Discount amount to 25% off your Masters Tuition Fees reflecting our commitment to support the top undergraduate students in the School of Languages and Social Sciences.

For confirmation and if you have any queries contact: pgadmissions@aston.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research

We have many studentships and funded research opportunities available. Click here for full details.

MBA Scholarships

Our MBA scholarships are designed to support talented applicants wishing to develop their skills and knowledge with the Aston MBA. See the full listing here.

External Funding

Students may be eligible for funding provided by our partners and external sources of funding.

Click here for full details.

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