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Our main research and teaching areas are as follows:

Near patient pharmacy

This includes doctoral and other projects / commissions in the following areas:

  • Pharmacists in advanced clinical roles
  • Advanced roles of pharmacy technicians
  • Paediatric hospital clinical pharmacy
  • Pharmacists and adolescents
  • Pharmacist as prescribers - benefits
  • Clinical pharmacy in Hong Kong
  • Treatment of elderly patients with heart failure 

Pharmacy education

  • Development of pharmacy postgraduate clinical education 
  • Distance learning packages for pharmacists 
  • Development of further education for pharmacy technicians 
  • Teaching children how to swallow tablets 
  • Evaluation of CEPIP programmes against the training needs identified in PIED studies
  • Evaluation of the Clinical Advanced Specialist Module (a training package for hospital pharmacists)   

Development of novel drug formulations

  • Development of oral-dispersible (fast-melt) tablets 
  • Development of fast-dissolving films as a carrier for medication 
  • Palatability and acceptability studies of medicines for children.