Audiology events

Audiology event

The Audiology department have held a number of events over the years, including:

These events are held with members of the public, patients and our audiology students, as an opportunity to network and interact. Sessions and talks are delivered by a range of guests and staff, including charities, research updates and services.

Feedback from public: 

“Interesting and informative presented in small bits which were easy to absorb and understand.”

“An aspect I enjoyed was mixing with the students – it’s such an excellent idea for students to have the opportunity to interact with the public and vice versa.”

We have held careers events specific to audiology with the aim to highlight and showcase the range of career options out there as an audiology graduate. Speakers have included past Aston graduates, manufacturer representatives, charities, independent and private sectors, NHS perspectives and more. 

There has also been large networking space with exhibitors from all leading companies, charities and professional bodies in the audiology field. 

Student feedback: 

“There are many routes that I can take in audiology. I just have to relax and not worry. Just flow and find what I feel is best for me. Also, to get into a lot of curricular activities to gain transferable skills.”

“I loved having the opportunity to talk to different companies and charities, discover career options available after we graduate.”

Feedback from speakers: 

“I cannot commend Aston highly enough! Great venue, great catering and well organised.”

“That was a fantastic event! Your students seem very engaged and open minded to the different options available.”

We held our first ‘Inspire’ Research day for MSc students. The day aimed to stimulate research ideas and inspire the Year 1s (and their NHS supervisors) for starting their research projects in Year 2. The day consisted of a mix of presentations and workshops covering research and possible ideas from internal and external speakers. 

Student feedback: 

“The day was very informative; gave lots of information about research project, including a logical timeline.”

“It was good to hear from previous students and areas of current interest in research.”

In July we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Harvey Dillon. He provided an overview of the ongoing and future work at NAL to our students, supervisors and local clinicians. Chris Cartwright (Phonak) followed with information on latest innovations. Thank you to those who attended and we hope to host more guest lectures in the future.

Audiology team with guest lecturers 
 Audiology team with guest lecturers
 Professor Harvey Dillon
 Professir Harvey Dillon
 Chris Cartwright
 Chris Cartwright