Molecular & cell biology

Our team undertakes fundamental scientific research to understand health and disease at both cellular and organismal levels. Our studies utilise a wide array of techniques including real-time microscopic imaging of live cells and their components, surface-plasmon resonance, molecular mutation, novel expression systems, and genomic and proteomic analyses. This research capacity is directed towards the characterisation and manipulation of key molecular mechanisms underlying normal and pathological cell function.

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Our team and their research interests are shown below:

Dr Zita Balklava
  • Cell Signalling




Roslyn Bill - cropped
Prof Roslyn Bill
  • Protein production in yeasts
  • Structure-activity relationships of membrane proteins


Dr Russell Collighan
  • Transglutaminases
  • Inflammation & Repair
Dr Stephane Gross
  • Role of cytoskeleton proteins in disease


Dr Anna V Hine
  • Gene randomisation
  • Protein library design
  • Protein-DNA interactions


Dr Eustace Johnson profile
  • Stem cells
  • Tissue Engineering


Dr Alice Rothnie
  • Proteins involved in drug resistance



Dr Corinne Spickett
  • Oxidized and Chlorinated Phospholipids
  • Novel MS methodology for detecting protein oxidation
  • Effects of oxychloro compounds on cells
Dr Thomas Wassmer
Dr Thomas Wassmer
  • Transport processes in eukaryote cells