Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy is a quick and easy method by which to screen fluorescent samples

To learn more about the basics of Fluorescence Microscopy, follow this link.

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The ARCHA Leica DMI4000B
ARCHA Fluorescence Microscope

The ARCHA Wide-field Microscope

  • 20x and 40x dry objectives
  • 63x oil objective
  • Inverted
  • Semi Automated
  • Red, green, yellow and blue filter cubes
  • Temperature control chamber
  • Stages to fit plates, dishes and slides
  • User friendly software
  • Image Processing software
  • Fluorescence Quantification Software
  • Training and Support provided
  • Online booking system
  • Dark room

This microscope is ideal for sample screening, time lapse experiments and live cell imaging. 

10x and 40x objectives image through plastic - samples can be kept sterile in plates and dishes.  The adjustable temperature control chamber ensures cells stay viable for longer at their optimal temperature.

Training for this microscope takes a minimum of half an hour as this piece of equipment is so user friendly. Once trained users have access to the online booking system, the data transfer folder and to any advice or help they require from the Imaging Facility Manager.

For more information about this microscope or to arrange training please contact Charlie Clarke- Bland on c.bland1@Aston.ac.uk or ext:3009.