Aston Research on CHildren's and Young people's health

 ARCHY is a virtual research centre which fosters cross-disciplinary research into children and young people’s health.

Its mission is to: "Improve young people’s health and wellbeing through world-class research". This is achieved through research that focusses on cross-cutting research themes rather than on traditional medical specialties.

A broad range of disciplines support research undertaken by ARCHY and include: pharmacy, psychology, optometry, audiology, neurosciences, biomaterials, health and assistive technologies, sociology and social policy.  

Its portfolio includes research from fundamental science through to multi-disciplinary translational studies.  

Key Research Themes:

1. Supporting the development of children and young people with chronic illness and conditions and their clinical, psychological and social sequelae.  

2. Prevention of illness, disorders and accidents. 

3. Understanding children’s lives through innovative methodologies which engage children in research.

In association with its research partners, ARCHY works with some of the most disadvantaged and ethnically diverse populations in the UK. 

Birmingham Children’s Hospital which is an internationally renowned tertiary-care Foundation Trust is a key strategic partner of ARCHY. Other collaborators include: Heart of England Foundation Trust; Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals; Birmingham Women’s Hospital in relation to antenatal and neonatal health; the former Worcestershire Primary Care Trust; the former Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust; Children’s and Adult Mental Health Services.