Our services

The laboratory offers a wide range of research services for the food, drink and dietary supplement sector. The services offered primarily focus on the substantiation of psychological health claims for foods, drinks and dietary supplements.

Whilst not an extensive list of the analytical services we offer, they include:

  • Glycaemic Index (GI) testing.
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Assessment of stress levels (cortisol assays)
  • Iron status testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Dietary intake analysis
  • Assessment of neuropsychological function
  • Assessment of mood state
  • Claim support and substantiation
  • Assessment of food acceptability
  • Assessment of the impact of food and food components on mood and neuropsychological function
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of advertisements on consumer choice and preference
  • Assessment of the effects of other variables which impact upon consumer choice and preference such as colour or packaging.
  • The effects of functional foods on psychological status (e.g. mood and cognitive function).
  • The effects of various induced mood states on food choice and cognitive performance.

Study design service

In addition to the analytical services offered above, we can also offer a study design service. If you have a specific research question relating to nutrition and behaviour, we can design an appropriate study, collect, analyse the data and write up a report based on the findings (either for confidential internal client reports, for publication in academic journals or both).

We can conduct short term, long term and multi-study research projects - these services draw on the up-to the minute facilities housed within the laboratory and the extensive skills and knowledge base of our team.