The Aston Perimetry Tool created by Aston University in Birmingham, UK


Quick and easy visual field analysis

The Aston Perimetry Tool is a low cost, robust and portable instrument designed for the qualitative assessment of visual field.

Benefits of the tool include:

  • It allows quick kinetic perimetry testing, as well as central field analysis, with white or red visual stimuli
  • The tool is quick and easy to use with simple instructions provided
  • The tool is 33 cm in length and determines correct positioning of the visual stimuli 
  • Can not only locate scotomas, but their extent can be mapped out too
  • It offers patients and practitioners an alternative to automated devices for visual field analysis.
Aston Perimetry Tool

A vital piece of equipment on a range of situations

Although visual field analysis is commonly tested using automated equipment in the UK, it is not possible to use these methods for all patients. Situations where the Aston Perimetry Tool can be vital include:
  • When testing patients who live in care homes and are unable to visit a practice or hospital
  • Testing patients who cannot cope with repeated cognitive and visual testing using automated devices
  • In countries where automated visual field analysers are too expensive or unavailable.

Standardising visual field assessment

Medical specialists, such as optometrists, ophthalmologists and neurologists,  have previously used an array of visual stimuli when carrying out qualitative visual field analysis. Tests have involved hands, fingers, coloured squares and circles, hat pins and coloured medicine bottle tops - none of which are likely to produce accurate or repeatable results. Now with the development of Aston Perimetry Tool practitioners can adopt a standardised testing procedure that can produce accurate, reliable and repeatable results in the qualitative assessment of visual field.

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