Pharmaceutics Research

Pharmaceutics is the science of turning drugs into medicines.  This involves finding the right way to safely and effectively deliver the drug to the right place at the right dose.  This makes sure that the drug is able to illicit the desired clinical effect, and also helps with ensuring that the patients take the drugs as prescribed. Pharmaceutics spans various specialist areas including physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, formulation design and pharmaceutical technology.

The overarching aim of Pharmaceutics research at Aston is to develop cost effective, patient friendly and translational science that enables transfer of a molecule into the clinic. Research at Aston is focussed on a number of important areas of basic research including particle engineering, material characterisation and functionalisation, in vitro assay development, pharmaceutical process engineering, solid dosage form development and predictive pharmacokinetics. These core areas feed into specialist research activities focussed on solubility enhancement (milling, spray drying, dry coating), medicines for children (orally disintegrating tablets, orally disintegrating films, liquid medicines), novel formulation and assay development (tablet printing, buccal delivery cell culture models, taste cells, Caco-2 cell culture model) and in silico drug kinetics . 

Research Staff in Pharmaceutics

Afzal Mohammed
Prof Afzal Mohammed
Research Interests:  orally disintegrating tablets, particle surface modification, dry coating, gene expression profiling of drug delivery and oral absorption.
Ali Al Khattawi
Dr Ali Al-khattawi

Research Interests:  particle design and fabrication, precision manufacturing for pharmaceutics, spray drying

Dr Raj K. Singh Badhan
Dr Raj Singh Badhan

Research Interests:  pharmacokinetics, whole body pharmacokinetic modelling, drug transporter modelling, systems biology and bioinformatics. 

Dr Dan Kirby
Dr Dan Kirby
Research Interests:  age-appropriate medicines, orally dissolving films, polymer, liposome and carbon-based systems for drug delivery.
Dr Chi Huynh
Dr Chi Huynh
Research Interests:  medicines use and medicines optimisation, medication error, patient and medication safety, medicines reconciliation on children
Dr Affiong Iyire
Dr Affiong Iyire
Research Interests:  buccal & pulmonary drug delivery; quality by design (QBD) for pharmaceuticals, molecular basis of specific drug transport
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