Pharmacology Research

Phamacology research is aimed at understanding how drugs work by understanding their interactions will molecules, cells tissues and organs in the body. By understanding better how current drugs work and understanding the biological processes that lead to disease, we can find new targets for the next generation of drugs to make them more effective and more selective.

Pharmacology research at Aston focuses on understanding how proteins embedded in the cellular membrane, known as cell surface receptors, control the processes taking place within the cells such as the regulation of gene transcription; receptors are one of the main targets for current pharmaceuticals. Research also aims to understand what causes toxicity in drugs and how to manage this, especially in the brain. Aston also has substantial research activity in neuropharmacology and neuroscience. This has particular relevance for neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and epilepsy, and aims to understand how proteins embedded in cell membranes control the transmission of signals in the brain, and how these are affected in disease. A new area of research that is showing exciting results is understanding the interactions between different types of cell in the brain, such as astrocytes and neurons, and how these work together to maintain brain function.

Research Staff in Pharmacology

Dr David Poyner large
Prof David Poyner

Research Interests:  GPCRs, neuropeptide receptors, CGPR, adrenomedullin 

Professor Gavin Woodhall
Prof Gavin Woodhall

Research Interests:  electrophysiology, nerones, entorhinal cortex, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease

Prof I Stanford
Prof Ian Stanford
Research Interests:  in vitro electrophysiology, neuroimaging, neuronal oscillations, basal ganglia, motor cortex, Parkinson's disease.
Prof Cliff Bailey panel
Prof Cliff Bailey

Research Interests:  pathogenesis and intervention in insulin resistance, drugs for diabetes and obesity, islet implant.

Michael Coleman
Prof Michael Coleman
Research Interests:  in vitro neurotoxicity assays, functional models of neuron and astrocyte activity, ant-TBG drugs, mechanisms of diabetic complications
Rhein Parri
Dr Rhein Parri
Research Interests:  astrocyte and neurone signalling in the thalamus, thalamic function, electrophysiology, calcium imaging
Alex Cheong
Dr Alex Cheong
Research Interests: regulation of gene expression, hypoxia, HIF pathway, systems biology, mathematical modelling
Dr Stuart Greenhill
Dr Stuart Greenhill

Research Interests: systems neuroscience, synaptic plasticity, electrophysiology, functional imaging.

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