Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy Research

Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacy Practice is the study and development of the professional role of the pharmacist in all areas of their activity, from hospitals and community pharmacies to the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical Pharmacy focuses on the role of the pharmacist in patient care, the optimization of the use of medicines and the promotion of health, wellness and disease prevention in the general population. Clinical pharmacists work closely as a team with the other front line healthcare professionals including clinicians and nurse practitioners.

Pharmacy Practiceresearch at Aston examines how pharmacists can better use medicines and pharmaceutical services to improve patient care. Working within both the community and hospital sectors, pharmacy practice research at Aston investigates how patients access pharmacy healthcare services and how best these services can be developed to enhance further pharmaceutical patient care. Research undertaken within this area includes that examining and developing national pharmacy educational policy, research mapping medication adherence patterns among inner-city populations, and activity quantifying the healthcare benefits of front-line pharmaceutical care and public health services. Specific projects have included the Aston Medication Adherence Study (AMAS) and the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Study.

Research Staff in Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy

chris langley
Prof Chris Langley

Research Interests:  pharmacy education and policy, the role of the pharmacist in primary and secondary care. 

David Terry
Dr David Terry
Research Interests:  medicines management at the interface of care, medication reconciliation, access to medicines and unlicensed medicines for children. 
Ian Maidment
Dr Ian Maidment
Research Interests:  medication optimisation, older people, mental health, mixed methods and realist research
Dr Joe Bush
Dr Joe Bush

Research Interests:  Pharmaceutical public health, pharmaceutical care, medication adherence, health policy, pharmacy education

Dr Chi Huynh
Research Interests:  medicines use and medicines optimisation, medication error, patient and medication safety, medicines reconciliation on children