We want to find out how reading helps you learn new words. We might find that being good at reading helps you learn words, even if you don’t read very often in your spare time. Or we might find that spending a lot of time reading helps you learn words, even if you find reading difficult.

If your parent has agreed that you can take part in our project, you will be invited to do our activities in school time. Your teacher will tell you when this will happen. In the activities you will be asked to read out loud, match words to pictures, tell us which books you have seen before, and tell us about how many books you have at home, how much time you spend reading and what you think about reading. Click here to find out more.

If your parent has also agreed for you to do the reading diary, then click here for a guide to doing the reading diary. 

Here's what a reading activity looks like:


Photo of a child reading 2016
Here's what a computer activity looks like:

computer task 2016