Work in Progress seminar series (WIP)

We hope the WIP will be a useful learning exercise for our PhD students and an opportunity for everyone to stay updated with colleagues’ research activities.

All talks will begin promptly at 1pm.

Download the WIP schedule.

External Seminar Programme

The Biosciences External Speaker Seminar Programme is central to our aspiration to have a vibrant and stimulating environment for all our researchers. The programme is strongly recommended for our Bioscience early career researchers and counts towards their Skills Training. Masters and final year Biosciences students are also encouraged to attend. The seminar programme is open to all researchers in LHS, and we also welcome researchers from the University and the local academic community.

Biosciences External Speaker Seminar Programme

 Date and TimeRoom number  Seminar details

Monday 25 March, 2019 

1-2 pm

Main Building MB549

 Dr Susan Hawthorne - Ulster University

Design, stability and efficacy of a new targeting peptide for nanoparticulate drug delivery to neural cells

Tuesday 21 May, 2019


Main Building MB544 

Dr Fiona Wilkinson - Manchester Metropolitan University

*Pathogenic mechanisms underpinning vascular diseases: cell trafficking and signalling across the vessel wall

Monday 17 June, 2019



Professor Roy Quinlan - University of Durham

*Multidisciplinary approaches to study damage and protection of the eye lens

Tuesday 25 June, 2019


Main Building MB544 

Professor Toby Jenkins - University of Bath

*Development and testing of new materials for advanced wound healing


*Provisional title