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Due to changes in regulations, it has become necessary for us to implement stricter control of our visitor and tempoary staff uniCARDs. All visitors and temporary staff will now be required to complete a questionnaire which will be forwarded to the Visa Compliance Team for approval. More details

 Invitation letters for visiting academics now need to be signed by the Executive Dean (or the Deputy Dean in his absence). Letters from the Visa Compliance Coordinator will be sent to the Executive Deans office for signature before being forwarded the the LHS staff concerned. NB Embassies require original letters.

Once letters are sign, the Executive Deans Office informs the Visa Compliance Coordinator who contacts the visitors to advise them to go ahead and book their appointment for their visa application. 

Requesting and approval of annual leave is in Core. 

Anyone who is unsure how to request annual leave should talk to their manager, and any manager who has queries, for instance about carry forward balances, should speak to their HR Advisor. Any technical issues can be notified to

Further info here.

Approved suppliers are listed on the web under staff>centralprocurement>buying goods/services or ask (x5038) for help
Note, the University has recently awarded new suppliers onto the Print Services Framework. These suppliers are:
LG Davis – will provide an online portal for business cards and stationery. We are currently in the process of setting the portal up and will provide further notice once this is available for you to place orders.
Hickling & Squires – will provide general day-to-day print such as flyers, posters, leaflets
Financial Data Management (FDM) - will provide general day-to-day print such as flyers, posters, leaflets
Bahson Colour Print – will do large jobs such as prospectuses and large campaignsW&G Baird – will do large jobs such as prospectuses and large campaigns

The Blackboard log in is the same as your normal log in:

If you need business cards, please contact with a budget code. 100 cards are appx £46. Clare has more details.

Internal hospitality information can be found here  Sonia Wittin 4645

  1. Contact our  IT department (Digital Services) for a quote.
  2. Send quote to the LHS Purchasing Team ( along with confirmation of approval from the relevant budget holder.
  3. LHS Purchasing Team will check everything is in place and arrange with Trevor Knight for any VAT exemption requests to be verified to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations and advice from auditors.
  4. LHS Purchasing Team will forward orders for PCs, monitors, notebooks and peripherals to Digital Services who will raise the order with SCC. This will allow the Purchasing Team to monitor when orders are requested and raised and query any lengthy delays.  It also means that orders on Agresso can be more quickly checked and authorised.
  5. LHS Purchasing Team will raise orders for Apple products directly with Academia.
  6. PCs are delivered to ISA in the first instance who then contact the end user.

Note: there are two University approved suppliers for these items:Specialist Computer Centre Ltd (SCC) - for PCs, monitors. notebooks and related products and Academia - for Apple products. A hardware guide for items available from SCC is available. The prices are current but should be treated as a guide rather than a confirmed actual price. 

The new self-service platform is now live. This is the first line of support for staff.

Performance and priorities of Digital Services will be regularly available and communicated to you each month via the new Digital Services Dashboard which can be viewed here.
To improve Aston’s business intelligence, the Dashboard will act as an analytics tool to visualise digital data across the University. As you can see, the Dashboard provides critical reporting and metrics information which are integral to the University’s digital performance. Going forward, the Dashboard will enable impactful decision making, using real-time metrics and performance indicators. In coming months, you will also find key metrics from the TEL and CSS support teams on the Dashboard.
Further to the Dashboard, the new self-service platform is now live, but please be aware that this is the first iteration of the platform. Keep your eyes peeled for a digitally enhanced version in the coming months. The platform is a collection of self-service functions that are available to members of staff as a first line of support to request services and resolve issues, rather than emailing or visiting the helpdesk.
You can find out more about DigitalAston and ask the project management team questions here.


To academic staff - an annual call for consultancy returns is sent around November.  Consultancy Approval Form C1.1 is on the Web which any member of staff who wishes to undertake consultancy activities should complete and return to the Executive Dean for approval in advance of making any commitments.
Update your door sign here.

For information about Communications, PR, Publications, Graphic Design, Event Management and Web Marketing, house style guide. Downloads of letter, email and powerpoint templates also available here. Image bank pictures can also be found on  the University Communications web pages.

Admin support for E-Learning is Rachel Giles (3906) 

Technical Support is Derek Hartley (4176)

The Employee and Family Assistance Programme (EFAP) gives all Aston staff and their dependent family members access to free and confidential health and wellness services 24/7, 365 days of the year.  Please call 0800 980 6830.   As well as professional consultations and counselling in person and over the phone, the EFAP, provided by Optum™ has extensive online practical advice and resources through ‘LIVEWELL’.   Your username/access code to this site is astonuni      For more information and a webinar, please go to the Health and Safety webpages.


LHS Ethics Committee and Applications.  Dr Rebecca Knibb is the Chair,  Kara Hanaphy is the LHS Ethics administrator.  For general enquiries about ethics please contact Rebecca. Official emails about ethics applications, end of study reports and requests for amendments should be sent to


When organising an event please follow the Organisation of Events procedure, details of which can be found here. Details of the event should be logged here

Staff expenses - this  an online system. Please note that expenses should be sent to your Subject Lead in the first instance, or if not available then to the School Administrator.

Further information about staff expenses can be found under Payroll (HR).

Information about claims for non-staff can be found under Finance

Any queries about staff expenses waiting to be paid can be made direct to the Accounts Payable Team in finance (x3180

To book an eye text in our Optometry department, please email or telephone x3900.

Full fire alarm details and other Health and Safety information are on the web here. 

Further information can be obtained from the School Technical Manager.

The LHS Go Green Champions are Steve Russell and Dan Kirby. For more information about Aston Go Green see here.

More info about environment & sustainability here.

Information is on the LHS Intranet site . Further information can be obtained from the School Technical Manager, Mike Robinson, x3091.

The School induction information can be found on Blackboard under 'LHS School Information>inductions'.  There are 3 documents, Academic/Academic Related, Administrative, Technical.

Travel  authorisation forms are uploaded and submitted via Aston Staff Portal for approval by your Executive Dean/Director in advance of your travel.

The authorisation form has been revised to remove contact and emergency contact details as these should be maintained against your employee record in Aston Staff Portal, you will be prompted to review these details when making a request for international travel.

Upon submitting your request the International Office and Alumni Office will be automatically notified.The new online process will allow for easier tracking of where staff are out of the country on University business and allow for EEA and non-EEA nationals to maintain an electronic record of all trips outside of the UK.

The revised authorisation form and guidance on how to submit your request for approval by your Executive Dean/Director is available from the international travel webpage at Staff Portal can be accessed from 

If you experience any issues using Aston Staff Portal to submit your request please contact the HR Systems Team by e-mail to 

My Aston Portal (MAP), a secure web portal that allows you to view and update your personal details, view teaching timetables and more. Log into MAP using your Aston computer username and password. New members of staff should email ISA first: MAP

Downloadable Research Booklets

Downloadable open day presentations here

Downloadable Powerpoint presentations with Athena Swan logo here 

We appreciate that as a new member of staff you may have lots of questions about your department, the University, Birmingham and the UK. Here are a few things to get you started.

This link will take you to information about your network account; staff portal; mandatory training; pay pension & benefits; organisational development; annual leave; managers; unions, relocation expenses; T&Cs; Environment & sustainability; wellbeing; maps; university structure; term dates. 
Add or change your University phone entry here
A flowchart for supervisors whose research students are due for progression: (two versions- one in b/w and one in colour)

For information, Recognition Awards have been devolved to Schools and Departments who will make arrangements to enable local recognition to be given throughout the year. The current categories of recognition award include:

  • A job well done/outstanding performance – going beyond what was required
  • Commitment to achieving outcomes in challenging circumstances, 
  • Excellent customer service (based on feedback)
  • Good citizenship – helping others. 


Managers should submit their nominations (including the reasons why they are nominating them) in writing to the Secretary of SMT (Senior Management Team) at least one week ahead of the meeting. SMT meeting dates are listed on the intranet and blackboard.

If you need to book a room, laptop or projector, please contact the Reception & Support Team within the LHS School Office on

Sickness Absence Recording. All sickness absence is recorded in the Core HR System .  Managers can view the staff in their teams via portal and log sickness as staff report it to them.  For managers there is a range of learning materials such as Vidcasts and a quick user guide.  These guidance materials can be accessed here.

There is no longer a need for staff to submit self-certification forms for sickness absence of 7 days or less. 

 The introduction of the new sickness absence recording system does not change the existing procedure that staff should report sickness on the first day of absence to their line manager.  For absence of 8 days or more, doctor’s notes should be submitted to HR.  Managers should have contact with the employee on their return to work and update the system as appropriate (e.g. inserting end date for absence, the reason for absence along with any return to work notes).

 Accurate absence records rely on HR being advised of accurate work patterns for part time staff and prompt entry of absence to the HR system by managers.  If work patterns change or line management changes, this should be notified to your HR Administrator as soon as possible.

 In the event of their manager’s absence, staff should report their sickness to either Clare Webster (PA to the Executive Dean), Sam Brown (Executive Assistant) or Trevor Knight (Head of Administration & Quality Assurance).

If you are uncertain as to what you should do when you are absent through illness, please do not hesitate to contact the School HR rep (Sarah Carey/Debbie Walker).

Contacts: HR Advisor –Sarah Carey (Mon-Wed) and Debbie Walker (Wed-Fri).

Information can be found here on the New Employees Area on the University intranet.

Training courses, resources, qualifications and other opportunities for staff are listed on the Staff & Graduate Development web pages.

The LHS Purchasing Office can help x5038

The latest Strategy 2020 is available on BlackBoard (>LHS School Information>Strategies & KPIs)
The Learning Spaces page on TLC provides photographs and instructions for all pool teaching rooms.

For assistance with problems please email or contact the Switchboard (dial 0). Please note that phones do not automatically have set up for international calls.

Teaching & Learning Community link

Key Travel (Topaz Team) is the supplier for Travel Management Services.  You only need a relevant job code for train tickets not a Purchase Order number. A Trainline ticket printer is installed in the main reception area to make collection of tickets simpler.

If you need any further information, please contact the Purchasing/Business office on Extn. 5038 or email: 

Overseas expenses can only be signed off by the Deputy or Executive Deans.

Details about travel insurance and claims can be found here.  

Information will be added here
Main Building Reception are now producing Visitor Passes for all visitors to the University, sanctioned by Mark Sutton, Head of Security.When you have a visitor can you let know as soon as possible please, then we can prepare the visitor pass for when they arrive rather than the visitor having to wait whilst one is prepared.
Please give details of, name, company, date, time & who they will be visiting. Thank you


Parking is available in Car Park 5 re-opens (situated off Holt Street) to all visitors to the University. This is a pay and display car park and will cost £5 per day. This parking is available on a first come first served basis, and is open 6am to 10pm daily. 

Forms can be found on the finance web page under payroll forms 'Expense claims for students and non-Aston staff'