Prof Afzal R Mohammed, Aston University UK

Chair in Pharmaceutics


Admissions tutor : MSc (Drug Delivery) and MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Course Director: MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

School of Life & Health Sciences
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK


Phone: +44 (0) 121 204 4183

Research Group

Applied Health Research Group

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) 

Aston Research centre in CHildren and Young people's health(ARCHY)

Afzal Mohammed

PH2503 (Module coordinator): Powder characterisation – size reduction, separation, analysis, powder properties; solid dosage forms other than tablets and capsules, solid state characterisation; Overview of the drug development process;  Packaging of pharmaceutical dosage forms; Pre-formulation and re-formulation of pharmaceutical products.
PH3603: Modified release systems – orally disintegrating tablets.

  • PhD, Aston University (Supervisor, Prof Yvonne Perrie) (2004)
  • MSc Sheffield Hallam University (2001)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (1999)
  • 2016 - present: Chair in Pharmaceutics
  • 2015 - 2016: Reader in Pharmaceutics 
  • 2011- 2015 : Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Aston University
  • 2007- 2011: Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Aston University
  • 2004-2007: Research Fellow, Aston University (PI, Prof Yvonne Perrie)

Committee Memberships

  • Member of Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Member of Controlled Release Society
  • Member of United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society

Invited Oral Presentations

    • "Nanoscopic evaluation of excipients: a high throughput strategy in formulation development" (2016) NnaoPharmaceutics, Keele.
    • “Cell Based Taste Assessment Technologies” (2015) UKPharmSci, Nottingham  
    • “Applicability of cell based assays for taste prediction of pharmaceutical products” (2014) EuPFi, Athens, Greece.
    •  “Process and excipient considerations in the development of directly compressed orally disintegrating tablets” (2014) UKPharmSci, Hertfordshire.
    • “Molecular, Micro, Nano analyses: diagnostic investigations to de-risk development of compressed orally disintegrating tablets” (2013) UKPharmSci Edinburugh.
    •  “Systems Biology and Oral Drug absorption” presented at Solubility conference March (2012), Munich, Germany.
    •  “Novel formulations of Rapidly Disintegrating Tablets” presented at symposium on Rapidly Disintegrating Tablets 14th February (2011), Leicester, UK.
    •  "Introduction to orally disintegrating tablets" presented at NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Service Annual Symposium 27th – 28th September (2010) Birmingham.
    • “Novel zero saccharide fast disintegrating tablets” presented at the British Pharmaceutical Conference. Sept 9-11 (2009): Manchester: U.K
    • “Solubilisation of poorly soluble drugs: engineering nanosystems” NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Service Annual Symposium 6th – 7th October (2008) Manchester.
    • “How to avoid cold chain in pharmaceutical product development” presented at SMI conference on cold chain distribution Feb (2008) London.
    •  “Product development of sub unit TB vaccines” presented at the EU 6th framework meeting Jan 31-3Feb (2006): Switzerland.
    •  “The development of liposomal sub unit TB vaccine: bench to clinic” presented at the British Pharmaceutical Conference. Sept 4-6 (2006): Manchester: U.K.    

 Teaching activity      

  • Member of the Medicines Research Unit
  • Member of the Pharmacy and Biology Teaching Programmes
  • Module co-ordinator: Second year Pharmaceutics,MSc -Pharmaceutical Engineering 
  • Year Tutor: First year, third year Pharmacy and MSc (Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Formulation development and optimization of orally disintegrating tablets 

  • Formulation and stability testing of oral liquid nano medicines

  • Understanding the gene expression profiling of drug delivery systems using microarrays

  • Evaluation of gene expression changes during oral drug absorption in vitro

My research group gratefully acknowledge the support of: Advantage West Midlands, Aston University, Apex Healthcare Ltd, BBSRC, Colorcon Ltd, Common Wealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, EPSRC, Innovate UK, MRC, NC3R, Pharmaspec Ltd, Pharmatrust Ltd, Quest Healthcare Ltd, INNOVATE UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board (TSB)), Viridian Pharma Ltd, Wellcome Trust.

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