Michael D. Coleman, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.M.

Professor of Toxicology


Mechanisms of Toxicity Group Leader

School of Life & Health Sciences
Aston University
, Aston Triangle
Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK


Email:  m.d.coleman@ aston.ac.uk
Telephone:+44 (0) 121 204 3916
Fax: +44 (0) 121 204 4187

Member of the Pharmacy and Biology Teaching Programmes

Research Group

 Molecular Biomedical Research

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) 

PH3605: Drug Metabolism and biotransformation
PH4701: Teratogenicity
PH4704: Essential communication skills, scientific writing and presentation, project management
PH4705: Science of the Future: CNS in vitro modelling


Human Drug Metabolism: An Introduction, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0-470-74216-7
360 pages

Published 15 April 2010.

  • Humane Research Trust Fellows: Dr. Elizabeth Woehrling and Dr. David Nagel

  • Antidote Direct Research Associate: Dr. Cristina Jimenez-Gonzalez

  • BBSRC Research Fellow to be appointed

  • Design of in vitro neurotoxicity assay systems using human cells and tissues

  • Design of functional models of human neuronal and astrocytic activity

  • Toxicological testing and development of anti-tuberculosis drugs

  • Toxicological mechanisms of sulphone adverse reactions

  • Mechanisms of methaemoglobin formation

  • Molecular mechanisms of diabetic complications

  • Associate Editor (with Dr. Louis Radulovic) for Volume VI (Drug Metabolism and Interactions in Humans, Clinical aspects) of a forthcoming six volume 'Encyclopaedia of Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions' to be published by Wiley International (2011).

  • Associate Editor for Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology (2006-the present)

  • Guest Editor for the Special Editions on ‘Antioxidants: Unlocking their potential  (ETAP 10, No 4 September 2001)

  • Progress in the development of in vitro human-based Alternatives to animal models (ETAP 21 No 2 February 2006)

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