Dr Rebekka Heitmar


Fitness to Practice Officer for the School of Life and Health Sciences

School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University
B4 7ET

Email: R.Heitmar1@aston.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 121 204 3853

Research Group

Ophthalmic Research Group (ORG)

Research Centre

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA)

Centre for Research in Vision and Hearing(CRVH)

Dr Rebekka Heitmar

1995 – 1998    Dispensing Optician (3 year apprenticeship: AO-Geselle, Handwerkskammer Ulm, Germany)

1995 – 1998    Business for SME (Betr.Ass. HWK (IHK), IHK Stuttgart, Germany)

1998 – 1999    General Optometric Practice, Germany

1999 – 2003    Dipl.Ing.(FH) Augenoptik, Aalen University, Germany

2003 – 2005    Wissenschaftl. MA (Augenoptik), Aalen University, Germany

2005 – 2008    PhD, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

2008 – date     Lecturer, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

Optics and Medical Imaging (module code: OP1OMI); module leader 

Elective studies (module code: OP3ES)
Advanced Investigative Techniques (module code: OP4AIT)


Ocular haemodynamics

Systemic vascular disease and its impact upon the ocular circulation and visual function

Optical Imaging systems

Katrin Hirsch (Principal Supervisor) - PhD project; 2016-date

Christian French (Principal Supervisor) - PhD project; 2015-date

Pravin Vekria (Co-supervisor) - PhD project: Retinal Oximetry in Diabetes Mellitus; 2010-2015

Guy Whittaker (Co-supervisor) - MEng project: Retinal Imaging using smartphone technology; 2014

Angelos Kalitzeos (Principal Supervisor) - PhD project: Retinal Vessel Analysis: Flicker Reproducibility, methodological Standardisations and practical Limitations; 2010-2013

Andreas Ketzlar - BSc project: Retinal Oximetry in Myopia; 2012-2013

2015    EVER (Nice, France), Retinal Vessel Oxygen Saturation and its implications in myopia [Heitmar R]

2014    EVER (Nice, France), Retinal vessel oxygen saturation in diabetic patients with and without cardiovascular disease and its association with renal function [Heitmar R & Blann AD]

2014    ARVO (Orlando, XX) Influence Of Selected Retinal Vessel Length On Dynamic Vessel Analyzer Output [Kalitzeos AA & Heitmar R]

2013    EVER (Nice, France), Retinal arteriolar diameter response to flicker light provocation - A useful marker for risk stratification in cardiovascular disease? [Heitmar R & Summers RJ]

2013    ARVO (Seattle, Washington) Ethnic differences or imaging problems: Dual wavelength retinal vessel oximetry in Caucasians and South Asians [Heitmar R]

2012    EVER (Nice, France)

  • Retinal vessel reactivity after cigarette smoking [Cubbidge RP, Summer RJ, Heitmar R]
  • Inter-ocular agreement of peripapillary oxygen saturation in retinal vessels [Cubbidge RP, Vekria P, Kalitzeos AA, Heitmar R]
  • The influence of age on retinal vessel oxygenation [Heitmar R & Cubbidge RP]
  • How much Flicker is enough [Heitmar R & Summers]
  • Retinal vascular reactivity over extended vessel segments [Kalitzeos AA, Summers RJ, Heitmar R]
  • The effects of exercise on peripapillary retinal oxygenation [Vekria P, Cubbidge RP, Heitmar R]

2012    ARVO (Ft.Lauderdale, Florida) To Evaluate The Influence Of The Duration Of Flicker Light Provocation On Retinal Vessel Dilation [Heitmar R & Summers RJ]

2012    ISIE (Ft.Lauderdale, Florida) Impact Of Flash Intensity On Retinal Vessel Oxygen Saturation Measurements [Heitmar R & Cubbidge RP]

2012    ISER (Berlin, Germany) Reproducibility of oxygen saturation parameters near the optic nerve head (ONH) and inter eye correlations in a healthy multi-ethnic cohort [Heitmar R & Clarke J]

2012    BCLA (Birmingham, UK0 Oxygen saturation measurements in the limbal vasculature before and after soft contact lens wear [Heitmar R, Wright S, Mousavi M, Wolffsohn J]

2010    ARVO (Ft.Lauderdale, Florida) Fast Fourier Transform of Retinal Blood Vessel Structure as a Methodology for Detection of Structural Change in Smokers and Individuals With Coronary Artery Disease [Heitmar R, Cubbidge RP, Gherghel D, Lip GYH]

2009    ARVO (Ft.Lauderdale, Florida) Retinal and Peripheral Micro-vascular Reactivity in Patients Suffering From Coronary Artery Disease [Heitmar R, Gherghel D, Cubbidge RP, Lip GY]

2006    EVER (Vilamoura, Portugal)

Recent Publications


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