Development of configural 3D object recognition

Ingo Rentschler, Martin Jüttner,Erol Osman, Alexander Müller and Terry Caelli

There is evidence for the late development in humans of configural face and animal recognition. We show that the recognition of artificial three-dimensional objects from part configurations develops similarly late. We also demonstrate that the cross-modal integration of object information reinforces the development of configural recognition more than the intra-modal integration does. Multimodal object representations in the brain may therefore play a role in configural object recognition.

Key words:  object recognition, representation, configural recognition, mirror symmetry, category learning, cross-modal, multimodal, cognitive development

Rentschler, I., Jüttner, M., Osman, E., Müller, A. & Caelli, T. (2004) Development of configural 3D object recognition. Behavioural Brain Research 149, 107-111.