Karan Rana

Year 2 Tutor/Final Year Project Lead/Bioscience Lecturer

School of Life & Health Sciences
Aston University
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET 

Room: MB 536

Email: [email protected]

Qualifications & Education.

  • Masters of Education in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (M.Ed), Aston University, 2019 - 2020. 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (PGDip), Aston University, 2018 – 2019 
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (PGCert), Aston University, 2016 – 2017 
  • PhD (Biomedical Science) Aston University, Birmingham, UK. Project title, The Metabolic Regulation of Cellular Ageing. 2011 – 2015 
  • IBMS accredited BSc. Biomedical Sciences (First Class Honours) with 1-year industrial experience. Aston University, Birmingham UK. 2007 - 2011 


  • Lecturer in Bioscience, School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham UK. 2017 – present 
  • Teaching Associate in Biology and Biomedical Sciences, School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham UK.  2016 – 2017 
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Aston University, Birmingham UK. Project title: Developing and characterizing novel bioactive materials to selectively induce osteosarcoma cell death and simultaneously enhance bone regeneration. 2015 – 2016. 
  • Trainee Biomedical Scientist Haematology Department. New Cross Hospital, NHS Trust, Wolverhampton. 2009 – 2010.


My academic responsibilities include the role of year 2 tutor, where I am in charge of the smooth progression of students from the second year to final year.  I also design and deliver the final year project module (30 credits) for all Bioscience students. Finally, I lecture on the undergraduate BY1HP1, BY2HP2, BY3HP1 and postgraduate BI4055 Human Physiology programme, Cells to Systems (BC1004) for the Biochemistry programme  and I am the module lead for Medical Biochemistry (BY3BC1) on-site and in Singapore (EA2BC1). I supervise, undergraduate placement projects, final year project students and post graduate masters projects, as well as being a personal tutor. 

Research Interests 

  • Obesity.
  • Type-2-diabetes.
  • Body composition.
  • Cellular Senescence/Aging.

Pedagogical Interests 

  • Attainment Gap. 

Membership of Professional Bodies 

  • Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


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