Dr Caroline Witton

Reader in Psychology

Director of the Wellcome Trust Laboratory for MEG Studies

Aston Brain Centre

School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University
B4 7ET

mailto: c.witton@aston.ac.uk
telephone: +44 (0) 121 204 4087

Research Group

Basic and Applied Neurosciences

Research centre
Aston Brain Centre,

Centre for Vision and Hearing Research

Caroline Witton 001

My BSc degree and PhD were in Physiological Sciences at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where I worked with Profs Gary Green and Adrian Rees.  I was then a post-doctoral fellow for 3 years at the University of Oxford, before coming to Aston University in 2001. At Aston I have had a number of different administrative roles, in both the teaching and research contexts.

As Director of the Wellcome Trust Lab for MEG Studies in the ABC, I am involved in a range of projects using MEG, most notably a recent £1m project funded by the Wellcome Trust to address the challenges of using MEG technology with children. 

The majority of my personal research focuses on auditory processing, and understanding the potential mechanisms underpinning links between hearing and language development. 

I use both psychophysical and neuroimaging approaches, particularly magnetoencephalography (MEG), in all my research.  A core interest of mine is in the application of MEG to our understanding of clinical disorders, especially during childhood. Neurophysiological measures have great potential to advance our understanding of the causes of individual differences in sensory and cognitive processing, most notably in children and those with cognitive difficulties, where some behavioural measurements become inaccurate.  A key focus of my recent research has been to explore ways of computing sensory threshold from MEG measurements, for application to theories of sensory processing impairment in developmental disorders.

Another current activity is the development of software for measuring auditory psychophysical thresholds in children, and for other language-based measures, using the python programming language.

Recent Publications