Optometry FAQ

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If you have questions that are not answered on the course page, then why not take a look to see if they are answered here?
We usually consider students who are re-taking for the first time (i.e. – 3 years in total to complete A Levels, rather than the usual 2) equally to any other candidate. Therefore, if we were to make a conditional offer, it would ordinarily be for the standard entry requirements.
We understand that predicted grades are only an estimate. We will therefore consider making our standard offer to students with predicted grades of CCC and above.
We will automatically decline an application if the personal statement does not show an interest in Optometry. This is in line with other universities where entry to Optometry is competitive. However, we will consider such applications through UCAS Extra with a new personal statement (sent by email along with your UCAS Personal ID number). The UCAS Extra process is explained via the UCAS website at www.ucas.com/extra   
We require candidates living in the UK to attend an interview at the University. If students are living overseas we will conduct a Skype or telephone interview. We do not currently require any standardised admissions tests such as the UKCAT.

Unfortunately we cannot permit 2nd year entry under any circumstances. All applications must be made via UCAS for 1st year entry only.

Entry to a pre-registration place cannot be guaranteed. This is separate to the degree and students need to apply for it in the same way as they would for a job. We do have a dedicated Careers & Placements Team however, who advertise placements and can assist with applications.

You can get in touch with the Admissions Team in the following ways: